Wyclef Kissin’ & Tellin’ to Promote His Book on Wendy Williams (Video)

Singer Wyclef Jean talks about his revealing new memoir and opens up about his affair with fellow Fugees member Lauryn Hill. Did Wyclef tell Lauryn Hill about his book before it came out? How was Wyclef able to save his marriage? Is Wyclef working on new music?

I know I can't be alone feeling that this dude is not the best piece of work.  What he is doing is so wrong on so many levels.  Lauren has no ties, no children tied to this man, and for him to come out with all this needless drama at 19 years later is just lame on his part.  I don't care what Lauren did 10 years ago. Do you?  That BS that Lauren went off and had 5 kids because he broke her heart is a bunch of malarkey.  I'm not buying the cot darn book.