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Archive for May 1st, 2014

Trailer: Extant Starring Halle Berry

Posted May 1, 2014 1:42 PM By Deirdre B Pride




Extant stars Halle Berry as an astronaut who returns to Earth and then things happen. Halle stars as Molly Woods who then has some sort of strange encounter with something while on her mission. Later she arrives home to discover she’s pregnant, and her son is saying creepy, potentially prophetic things.

The series premieres Wednesday, July 9 on CBS. I believe this is Halle’s first television series.

via E!

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Man and is women



This is not photoshop nor fiction! All 3 of them really do live together. This is their baby shower invitation. They are strippers at KOD in Detroit.

This has been floating on my page for a week now.  I had to address ito once more details emerge…..hence, the above footnote.

I just wish that between the three of them one of them knew how to spell dream…..IJS  Didn’t this ish go through all three of them first?  Nonetheless, I see a reality show in their future.

I remember people actually talking about sharing a guy too.  Is it really that serious out there for some of  ya’ll?  Be honest.  Would you get down like this?  My cousin says he’s a lucky man;  I call it bull shyt.

Via Source

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WTH? Toronto Raptors Hand Out Limited Edition Drake Lint Rollers (Pics)

Posted May 1, 2014 10:47 AM By Deirdre B Pride


This is so damn cornballish.


Dainty self.

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Donald Sterling Reportedly Preparing to FIGHT to Keep Clippers

Posted May 1, 2014 9:31 AM By Deirdre B Pride

Hmmm!! Can you really force someone to sell what he owns?  That question will soon be answered because Donald Sterling is reportedly ready to fight to keep his stake in the Clippers.

Donald Sterling will sue the league if the other 29 owners vote to force him to sell.

The wheels are in motion to remove Sterling, a process that the executive said Wednesday night would lead to a lawsuit by the disgraced owner, possibly tying up the future of the team for years.

“He is not going to sell the team,” the executive said.

Members of the owners’ advisory and finance committee include Minnesota owner Glen Taylor, who chairs the committee, Miami’s Micky Arison, the Lakers’ Jeanie Buss, Oklahoma City’s Clay Bennett, New York’s James Dolan, Boston’s Wyc Grousbeck, San Antonio’s Peter Holt, Phoenix’s Robert Sarver, Indiana’s Herb Simon, and Toronto’s Larry Tanenbaum. The committee plans to hold a meeting by conference call Thursday to discuss the next steps in forcing Sterling to sell the team he has owned for 33 years. Seventy-five percent of the league’s 29 other teams would have to vote in favor of such a move.

NBA commissioner Adam Silver said Sterling’s recording was “a painful moment for all members of the NBA family,” and less than 24 hours later, steps were being taken to remove Sterling from the NBA permanently.

As the Daily News reported Wednesday, if Sterling sues, he would likely base his case on language in the NBA constitution that deals with conduct that constitutes “willful acts,” a term that can be difficult to interpret and enforce. Generally those acts include criminal behavior, financial instability or gambling or fixing games.

“He’ll sue and it’ll take years to settle,” said the source close to Sterling.


“I would be surprised if this was not a unanimous vote,” Ranadive said during an ESPN Radio interview. “The owners are amazing people — they’re color-blind — and I fully expect a unanimous vote.”

Players across the league had planned potential boycotts of playoff games had Silver not issued such a definitive punishment as the one leveled against Sterling. Golden State Warriors coach Mark Jackson maintained that it was a realistic option before his team played the Clippers in Game 5.

“Luckily it didn’t come to that,” said Chris Paul, the Clippers point guard and the National Basketball Players Association president.

Meanwhile, some of everyone wants to buy the team.  Dr. Dre, Oprah, Didd, Magic and more

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Police in New York are on the lookout for music producer The-Dream after he allegedly punched, kicked, and strangled his ex-girlfriend, who was pregnant at the time, law enforcement sources tell TMZ — but the producer insists the allegations are bogus.

According to law enforcement, the alleged incident took place in April 2013 at the Plaza Hotel, roughly three months before Dream’s ex-GF Lydia Nam gave birth to his infant son.

It’s unclear what prompted the alleged attack and if Nam ever sought medical attention — but for some reason, she didn’t file a police report until November, which is when she described the alleged assault to police.

0428-dream-and-lydia-instagram-01Law enforcement sources tell us, Dream (real name Terius Nash) is now wanted for questioning by police in connection with Nam’s allegations — which means if they find him … he’ll be taken into custody.

For The-Dream’s part, he not only insists Nam is lying — sources close to the producer tell us, he thinks she’s a vengeful woman who’s plotting to use this alleged crime as a way to extend her visa in the U.S. (Nam is Canadian.)

According to law enforcement sources, Dream was already arrested in connection with a separate domestic violence incident (also involving Nam) last June in Newport Beach, CA  … but Nam refused to press charges, so the D.A. rejected the case.

We reached out to Nam for comment — so far, no word back.

The Dream is a Wanted Man; Allegedly Attacks His Child’s Mother

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Zzzzzzz: Porsha Stewart Wants Kenya Moore to Appologize

Posted May 1, 2014 9:09 AM By Deirdre B Pride

I guess it’s okay for her to have her pity party.  She really has nothing else to grasp on.  Wait until you read some of this foolery that Porsha is spewing for the masses.

Porsha Stewart stopped by Access Hollywood and says she felt provoked by Kenya.

On Kenya bringing props (a scepter and a bullhorn) to the reunion 

“I felt threatened, honestly I did. It was a weapon, so I took it from her. [The scepter] was heavy… so I took it and I threw it and I sat back in shock like, ‘Oh hell, that is like a freaking weapon she just had!’”

She sounds so damn dumb

On how the Bravo series is different for her compared to Kenya :

“She looks at this as a job, it’s a show to her. It’s just entertainment. So she doesn’t take anything seriously. She has fake boyfriends. She has fake situations that she sets up for the show. And so for her, I’m like the complete opposite because here I am living this real life and here she is portraying one.”

One, what?  Forget it.

On her biggest regret from the reunion fight:

“I regret that I sat there and I gave her that power. Anytime you have been bullied, like when I was bullied as a child I gave them the power enough to let me go home and think about suicide… I gave her the power and that’s what I regret and that’s what I want to apologize to my fans for. I want to apologize to the other ladies of the cast… when you lose control and you let someone make you act out of character – that was completely out of character for me, that’s why I was so embarrassed… I’m regretful that it happened and I wish it hadn’t happened.”

On discovering that Kenya has been the victim of domestic violence in the past:

“I’m sorry to hear that and I wish that throughout the season she would have freaking opened up, so I could have gotten to know her and I could have helped he through what I went through. I have some things that I can impart in her life. Just because she’s older than me doesn’t mean she couldn’t have learned from me. But, she was so hateful, she couldn’t learn from me… I hate that she went through domestic violence. I really do. Because I wish it didn’t happen to me… if you don’t condone violence, if you don’t want to end up in a situation where someone is putting their hands on you or vice versa, then don’t ask for it. Don’t provoke, don’t put the lion in the corner and poke at him.”

On apologizing to Kenya :

“I’m deserving of an apology… and she would definitely receive one back if I receive one… I didn’t file charges on myself. I didn’t put myself in the position where I am now. I didn’t decide to go just get a mug shot and I didn’t decide to come to the reunion with weapons and point them and provoke someone… she has to go back and humble herself to the situation and apologize and then we can move forward and possibly see eye to eye.”

Girl, you drug her across the stage by her hair…….You go ahead and wait on that apology if you want to.

I’m sorry she felt threatened by a bullhorn.  That bullhorn did nothing to Porsha, but piss her off.  No I don’t think Porsha never felt threatened, Porsha was pissed.

“The Real Housewives of Atlanta” Reunion Part 3 airs Sunday at 8/7c on Bravo.

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