Jay Z/Solange Fight

Solange ‘Explanation’ Tweet Is Fake!

5/13/2014 7:02 AM PDT

The Internet thinks it has solved the mystery of the Solange Knowles/Jay Z elevator fight, but TMZ has learned the tweet is a fraud.

Shortly after TMZ posted the  – a photo of a tweet emerged in which Solange accuses Jay Z of hitting Beyonce … and the image was forwarded over and over again yesterday.

But the tweet in question was never really posted on Solange’s Twitter feed, and never even existed — IT’S A TOTAL FAKE. Solange’s rep tells TMZ, “I can confirm that Solange did not tweet that; that is not a real tweet.”

But as far as theories go … it’s worth noting that Solange has deleted all Instagram photos with Beyonce in them … except for one.