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Jennifer Hudson to Judge Season Finale of Project Runway (Pic)

Sneak peek of on tomorrow's big "Project Runway" finale!

Jennifer Hudson will be guest judge on the season finale of Project Runway.  I am not happy with final selection either.    If you tune in you will see why when you see a particular line.  A complete mess.  I wont even have to tell you which one.  I hope Jennifer...

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Fellas, Would You Rock? Christian Louboutin’s Metal Wing Tip Leather Flats

I'd definitely give a fella a thorough look over while he's sporting these.  These are giving me all kinds of polished vibes.  Welp fellas, Would You Rock?

By the way, fellas I know I've been slacking when it comes to you guys, but you know I always make up for...

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Ladies, Would You Rock? Christian Louboutin Does Color Blocking

Welp ladies, "Would You Rock.....?"©  Who moi?  Naw, ladies I'm gonna have to pass on these, bit go ahead and knock yourself out.  Do you!!...
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NeNe Leakes Selling Her Gently Used Clothes on EBay

The Real Housewives of Atlanta's NeNe Leakes is selling her gently used clothing on Ebay. She actually has a site called
"I Love Fashion" and I am asked that famous Red Carpet question all the time.  Who are you wearing?  All of the Top Designers, of course, Hunni !  Now I want to share these beautiful clothes with you. So, now I'm opening...
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Things That Make You Go Hmmmm: Bald Men Deemed More Dominant?

Researcher Albert Mannes has found fellas with shaved heads are  seen as taller, stronger, tougher,  powerful and have the potential as being great leaders.

Let us not forget, it seems to knock off a lot of years by cutting away the grey. Mr. Mannes held three experiments to look into how men who shaved their heads were perceived by others. He told, "I was surprised that...
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