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New Gig Whispers: Tyler Perry to Star in ANOTHER Alex Cross Movie

There is a deal in the works that will turn James Patterson’s crime novel Double Cross into a 2nd movie starring Tyler Perry.  Tyler’s first Alex Cross portrayal opens tomorrow.  So far the reviews of his role have been really good.  I must admit that I was a naysayer and I didn’t think he could do such a serious role.  When I’m wrong, I ca admit it....
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Sports Whispers: Cleveland Browns to be SOLD to Jimmy Haslam

Mike Holmgren, hired three years ago as team president will be out at the end of the season.

Jimmy Haslam whose purchase was approved 32-0 by NFL owner, will buy the team for $1 billion He will be bringing in former Eagles president Joe Banner as his CEO to run day-to-day operations to replace Holmgren.  Assess Holmgren will retire at the end this season.  Haslam will evaluate...
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America’s Next Top Model Renewed with Male Models + Stay Posted for Casting Whispers

The CW officially announced the Cycle 20 renewal of America’s Next Top Model for summer, which will feature male models.  They will be added to the group of contestants competing for the title. The change comes on the heels of veteran game show Price Is Right‘s recent decision to introduce male models.   It will air next summer, which is where the series first launched in...
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Man Calls Group of Gay Men F*gs; Get’s Slapped Up Windmill Style Into Fetal Position (Video)

When calling out the gays goes horribly wrong: This guy was at a waffle house and gets straight up slapped windmill style into the fetal position. This mess was so funny on sooooo many levels. Peep the guy in the background with that high arse voice. You can't make ish like this up....
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Sports Whispers: Ray Lewis Out for the Season

Ray Lewis made a season ending tackle against the Cowboys, that now leaves fans to wonder if this is the end of his football career?

The NFL announced that he suffered an MRI on torn triceps.  Now I won’t even pretend to have ever hearing of someone tearing their triceps before and  I haven’t. I have no clue of the severity, but if it’s anything like...
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Rihanna Vogue Spread & Interview + Rihanna Hologram in the Works?

    I grabbed a bit of...
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