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Techie Whispers: 200,000 Fake “Beats by Dre” Seized + How to Spot the Fake Ones

Techie Whispers: 200,000 Fake Beats by Dre Seized + How to Spot the Fake Ones

About 200,000 pairs of Beats by Dre have been taken off the streets by officers and customs agents.

They were deemed the most seized fake items this past year by the customs investigators. Customs said this is the the first time they have seen mass production of counterfeit headphones.  There was a guy...
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Techie Whispers: “Beats by Dre” Unveils Bluetooth Speaker – “The Pill” & “Executive” Headphones

"Beats by Dre" Unveils Bluetooth Speaker - "The Pill" & "Executive" Noise-Canceling Headphones


Today is releasing two new products for the holiday season - its Executive noise-canceling headphones and a new portable Bluetooth speaker called the Pill.

The Pill is a Bluetooth speaker no bigger than a bottle of shampoo, and it is shaped just like a pill. Yet with four...
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Techie Whispers: An App That Helps Cheaters Cheat, Called “Cate”

The Cate app, which stands for "Call and Text Eraser", creates an invisible log of calls and text messages and can hide specific numbers from the contacts list. The screen will never indicate who has called and at the touch of a button, all private information can be wiped from the phone forever. Unlike other apps, the Cate icon does not appear on the home screen and...
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Techie Whispers: Facebook Cracking Down on Fake Fans

Facebook is cracking down on those fan pages that have fake fans or paid fans.

  Facebook has begun a purge fake accounts and "Likes" as part of a set of site improvements.  The result has been lower numbers on fan pages, including some of the site's most popular ones, but no actual loss of real followers.  This includes  deleting fake accounts or Likes that had been...
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Techie Whispers: Apple to Launch it Own Brand of Music Streaming

Apple is looking to take their dominance over the technology industry to a music streaming.  They are planning to compete with Pandora and Spotify. According to Wall Street Journal, iTunes is trying to produce an ad supported radio service, Apple who has shown that they keep away from outsourcing as much as possible., so making their own music streaming service was kind of inevitably on the horizons. Rumor...
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Techie Whispers: Facebook Gets Approval to Buyout Instagram

The US Federal Trade Commission has given the go-ahead for Facebook's takeover of popular photo-sharing app Instagram. In a short statement, the US regulator said that it had "closed its non-public investigation of Facebook's proposed acquisition of Instagram without taking any action", meaning the deal can now "proceed as proposed". Facebook has already secured a greenlight for the deal from UK regulators, and so is now very...
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