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Fellas, Would You Rock? Christian Louboutin’s Metal Wing Tip Leather Flats

I'd definitely give a fella a thorough look over while he's sporting these.  These are giving me all kinds of polished vibes.  Welp fellas, Would You Rock?

By the way, fellas I know I've been slacking when it comes to you guys, but you know I always make up for...

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Ladies, Would You Rock? Christian Louboutin Does Color Blocking

Welp ladies, "Would You Rock.....?"©  Who moi?  Naw, ladies I'm gonna have to pass on these, bit go ahead and knock yourself out.  Do you!!...
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NeNe Leakes Selling Her Gently Used Clothes on EBay

The Real Housewives of Atlanta's NeNe Leakes is selling her gently used clothing on Ebay. She actually has a site called
"I Love Fashion" and I am asked that famous Red Carpet question all the time.  Who are you wearing?  All of the Top Designers, of course, Hunni !  Now I want to share these beautiful clothes with you. So, now I'm opening...
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Ladies, Check Out Alexander McQueen’s 12/13 Winter Fall Collection

Take away the fur and this collection is very ready to wear....welp depending on your esthetic. Me, give me the right place, and time, and I'd rock the hellz out of some of these pieces. A lot of the pieces are...
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Ladies, “Would You Rock…..?” These Lace, Suede and Animal Print Peep Toe Louboutins

Well ladies would you rock?  Who me naw....only because the damn heel is so high. Four inches is my limit.  Other than that, I'd rock the hellz out of these....
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Rocks or Kick Rocks? Rihanna in KTZ

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I'd say it rocks.  Loves it!!! KTZ' style is pretty wild and I like a lot of it.  Some of it I'd have to pass on. .  There is a video on the top right.  Check out the speil:

DESIGNER NAMES: KTZ is a collaboration between Koji Maruyama, Sasko Bezovski and Marjan Pejoski. BACKGROUND:...
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