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His Mogul: Dwyane Wade Launches a line of Socks

Posted November 5, 2013 1:15 PM By Deirdre B Pride

His Mogul: Dwyane Wade Starts Line of Colorful Socks




Dwyane Wade has started his very own line of socks.  They’re really kinda of interesting.  I guess the style now is to rock  a pretty normal outfit and polished it off with a zany pair of socks.  Okay, Wade I’m starting to feeling it.  I can see this trend jumping.He sells his line     There is also a line of a for women on the site, but it doesn’t look like Wade is behind it.

Congrats Wade!!!


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First Look: LeBron 11′s by NIKE (Gamma Blue)

Posted October 10, 2013 5:46 PM By Deirdre B Pride

First Look at the New LeBron 11′s


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

New LeBron James Nike shoes, ‘tempered steel’ inspired design

The Gamma Blue highlights a new approach to containment, support and natural motion; created in a shade of blue representing unbreakable strength.

The LEBRON 11 Gamma Blue colorway will be available globally at select retail locations and  beginning Nov. 16.

Photos and captions courtesy of NIKE

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Fashion Whispers: Marc Jacobs Quits Louis Vuitton

Posted October 2, 2013 3:31 PM By Deirdre B Pride

Fashion Whispers: Marc Jacobs Quits Louis Vuitton

Marc Jacobs is leaving Louis Vuitton  for an eventual public offering for the Marc Jacobs brand.


Marc confirmed the developments to WWD following months of speculation.
The IPO should occur within the next three years. WWD first reported on June 10 LVMH’s interest in taking Marc Jacobs public.

Marc’s successor at Vuitton has not been named, nor has a decision been made, though strong indicators continue to point to Nicolas Ghesquière as the front-runner.

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His Mogul: Pharrell Launches Sunglass Collection with Moncler (Video and Pics)

Posted September 30, 2013 4:06 PM By Deirdre B Pride

His Mogul: Pharrell Launches Sunglass Collection with Moncler (Video and Pics)

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From his Billionaire Boys Club clothing line to his collaborations with Louis Vuitton, the hitmaker is deep into fashion. Now Skateboard P has his own sunglasses collection.

Pharrell has teamed up with French sportswear company to create his own line of sunglasses called the Moncler Lunettes.  The eyewear are made from a single piece of titanium so these are not your average Ray Ban shades.

Williams’ sunglasses, which come in black, green, blue, red and gold hues, are rather unique with its square-shaped lenses and futuristic style.

So Pharrell says:

“This is a collaboration and if anything, I feel like Moncler is endorsing me.  The world is about to see itself through the lenses of Moncler and Pharrell Williams.”

Along with his sunglasses, Williams also designed an outerwear line of puffy coats and vests for the winter season.

To check out Pharrell Williams’ full collection, click .

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Emporio Armani | Spring Summer 2014| Full Fashion Show (Exclusive Video/MFW)

Posted September 21, 2013 4:17 PM By Deirdre B Pride
Emporio Armani

Emporio Armani | Spring Summer 2014| Full Fashion Show (Exclusive Video/MFW)

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Versace | Spring Summer 2014 | Full Fashion Show (Exclusive Video/MFW) – Ladies

Posted September 21, 2013 4:06 PM By Deirdre B Pride

Versace | Spring Summer 2014 by Donatella Versace | Full Fashion Show in Good Quality. (Widescreen – Exclusive Video/MFW)

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Miuccia Prada | Spring Summer 2014 | Full Fashion Show (Exclusive Video/MFW) – LADIES

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Keyshia Cole Kicks Off Steve Madden Shoe Tour (Dates and Cities) Photos

Posted September 19, 2013 12:54 PM By Deirdre B Pride
keyshia 46575

Keyshia Cole Kicks Off Steve Madden Shoe Tour (Dates and Cities)  Photos

Keyshia Cole has release a special collection of Steve Madden shoes.  The line features seven heeled styles, ranging from pumps to booties to tall boots.

The prints and colors, along with the platform and cut-out details, make the collection unique and showcase the collaboration between Steve Madden and Keyshia Cole’s style.

Keyshia talks of the collaborative effort:

“I am super excited to collaborate with Steve Madden.  It’s something I’ve wanted to do for a long time.  I love his style and I think we came up with an amazing vibrant collection. We have something for every fashion diva!”

Accompanying the launch of the Keyshia Cole and Steve Madden collaboration will be a rousing personal appearance tour in September where fans will be able to meet Keyshia Cole. The tour will start on September 19th at Pentagon City Mall in Arlington, VA followed by a second appearance at Towson Town Center in Towson, MD on Saturday, September 21st. The final leg of the tour will be at Lenox Square Mall in Atlanta, GA on Thursday, September 26th.

Those who make a Keyshia Cole purchase will receive a branded compact mirror with their shoes. The customers who shop the Keyshia Cole line at a personal appearance location will receive that entire package plus a special VIP bracelet granting them access to a priority line on the day of the event! Anyone in the VIP line will also be given a special surprise gift.


09.05.13_lookbook-KC_02 kcole000 kcole1   kcole5680 keshia cole12

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Kerry Washington Deemed PEOPLE’S Best Dressed Woman of 2013

Posted September 18, 2013 11:11 AM By Deirdre B Pride

Kerry Washington Deemed PEOPLE’S Best Dressed Woman of 2013


Kerry Washington  been named PEOPLE’s Best Dressed Woman!


People magazine says, it wasn’t exactly a difficult decision for their editors.   They say  Kerry’s  has been killing the game in the style department for quite some time now.

They feel that Kerry will further prove she’s worthy of her new title when she hits the Emmys red carpet this Sunday.   You know what that means; all eyes will be on Kerry Sunday.  Nice time to be put on the spot.  I have faith she will pull it off as well.  I can’t say that I love every single thing she wears, but she gets it at least 97% of the time.   Nobody gets it 100%……nobody!!

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SIGH: Floyd Mayweather Jr. In Middle a War Over Some Custom Made Dresses

Posted September 17, 2013 9:20 PM By Deirdre B Pride
Michael Costello

I had to let out a big SIGH on this one

Floyd Mayweather Jr. In Middle a War About Some Custom Made Dresses

Michael Costello

Floyd’s daughter, Jirah’s, mother is pissed that her 10-year-old daughter was dressed up like some gold-digging hoochie at the big fight on Saturday.  (shots fired)

michael costello

If you are an avid watcher of Project Runway, you know Michael Costello.  They him so much hell during his season of PR, but he prevailed.  The fact that the other designers messed with him so much made a lot of us adore him, but I digress.

Jirah’s mother Josie says Michael was hired to design a very special dress for Jirah to wear at the Mayweather vs Canelo fight.  Josie was happy with the results, but when Ms. Jackson showed up with the same dress on, shyt hit the fan.

Josie says the dress came out great — but when they showed up to the fight, she noticed Floyd’s on-and-off-again side piece Shantel Jackson wearing the same exact dress

Josie said she paid Costello $795 for a one-of-a-kind dress, and now she’s pissed that he made an exact replica for Ms. Jackson, Floyd’s lady, who also wore hers to the fight as well.

Josie says, “It’s an unspoken rule and a cardinal sin for a ‘real designer’ to dress clients alike going to the same major event … Tacky, tacky, tacky.  She is a total gold digger … She conveniently came back around 2 days before Floyd got his $41.5 million check.”

Michael says he will NOT be giving anyone a refund.  Saying “No exclusivity was promised regarding the dress. If you want exclusivity, you need to pay more.” Costello says his people told Miss Jackson that Floyd’s daughter would be wearing the same dress and she didn’t care.

Sounds silly right, but one would have to wonder, why would Ms. Jackson want to wear the same dress as Jirah.Oh a little while ago, Josie put Floyd on blast by telling the world that he’s cheating on Ms. Jackson with at least seven other women.

Now unless Josie is one of the seven women, how in the world would she know who he’s giving it to properly?

info: TMZ

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