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New Gig Whispers: Guess Which Hip Hop Mamas Are Getting Their Own Show

Posted May 21, 2014 3:01 PM By Deirdre B Pride
Mother Joyce

Hint: The show is called “Celebrity Mamas of Atlanta

The mom’s who raised some of our faves to be great are getting their own show.  The show, tentatively titled Celebrity Mamas of Atlanta, will definitely bring the drama.

Grammy winner Tameka ‘Tiny’ Harris’ [Tameka Colette] mother Diane is signed up for the show and Rasheeda Breed’s mama Shirleen is signed on too.

Mama Joyce, Real Housewives of Atlanta star Kandi Burruss’ infamous mother, is being courted for the show as well.

The mom’s of Rich Homie Quan, Ca$hout, Rasheeda Frost and K Camp are also on board.  I don’t know what the heck we are gonna do with Mother Joyce after this here.

They are missing Mama Dee and Wacka’s mom


New Gig Whispers: Guess Which Hip Hop Mamas Are Getting Their Own Show

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Shay Johnson

Caption from video:

Shay from Love and Hip Hop Atlanta fights Joselines Friend . Girl gets hits with a Bottle . Sleezy and Zino’s goes Ham Mama D and Lil Scrappy panic.

This fool pulled a Da Brat right on camera. One would have thought that folks would have learned from Brat’s mistake. Guess not. She can kiss freedom goodbye  after this dumb ass move.  Isn’t she  a new mother?  She should have had her as at home anyway.

The video starts off with Shay on the right of the screen with Momma Dee.  All seems to be going okay, then you repeatedly hear the clank of a bottle.  Next thing I see is a woman with blood all  over her face.  You can’t take her ass anywhere.  I hope the girl recovers okay from her seemingly serious injuries.  I saw nothing that warranted this mess.  If I’m not mistaken, that looks like Benzino’s new lady that showed up for dinner at Steebie and Joceline’s castle.  I could be wrong too.

This all went down at a cast party for Love and Hip Hop Atlanta.  It should be noted that Brat’s bottle beat down went down in the ATL too.  No class At all.








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A6577547-1400086870 A6578404-1400087475 kenyamoore53-1400088836










Y’all know this is the real reason NeNe hates Kenya………….She can never lay it down properly like this…….Kenya is 41 right?  Don’t sleep.


This definitely explains the all of a sudden hate that came from nowhere.  NeNe’s  overreaction to Kenya’s tardiness was way too much, but there was also the fact that Kenya stood up at the slumber party.  That too, didn’t seem like enough for NeNe to cut Kenya and anyone that dealt with her off.  To me there seemed to be more to it than NeNe would let on….it just seemed too damn petty.  So I’m willing to bet Kenya working with Cynthia and Derek Blanks was too much for her.  We didn’t find out about the photo shoot until part 4 of the reunion.  When I saw Kenya working with Derek and Cynthia, it was like a light bulb went off.  Yes I think Nene is in hate mode.  BTW, these are from Kenya’s calendar.


Bye, Ashy…..literally.

I hear her attitude and her persistent ‘queen’ name calling helped out with this impromptu exit.  via and

Whisperers, holla at me.  Tell me, am I off?


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Phaedra Parks’ husband Apollo Nida gets a lecture from Peter Thomas for looking at Kenya Moore’s butt  during a cast vacation to Mexico.

Peter Todd and Greg are in chill mode when Peter asks him why he looked.

Peter: “When Kenya came out of the pool in that little yellow bikini she walked past you up the steps and you looked.”

Apollo: “I was looking at the horizon,”

Peter: “You could not see no damn horizon from the cave.”

Apollo: “I don’t mean no harm.”

Peter: “Apollo, why did you look, man?”

Apollo: “I got eyes!”

Peter: “I’m glad you looked, but I’m disappointed you looked.”

via Radar Online

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Zzzzzzz: Porsha Stewart Wants Kenya Moore to Appologize

Posted May 1, 2014 9:09 AM By Deirdre B Pride

I guess it’s okay for her to have her pity party.  She really has nothing else to grasp on.  Wait until you read some of this foolery that Porsha is spewing for the masses.

Porsha Stewart stopped by Access Hollywood and says she felt provoked by Kenya.

On Kenya bringing props (a scepter and a bullhorn) to the reunion 

“I felt threatened, honestly I did. It was a weapon, so I took it from her. [The scepter] was heavy… so I took it and I threw it and I sat back in shock like, ‘Oh hell, that is like a freaking weapon she just had!’”

She sounds so damn dumb

On how the Bravo series is different for her compared to Kenya :

“She looks at this as a job, it’s a show to her. It’s just entertainment. So she doesn’t take anything seriously. She has fake boyfriends. She has fake situations that she sets up for the show. And so for her, I’m like the complete opposite because here I am living this real life and here she is portraying one.”

One, what?  Forget it.

On her biggest regret from the reunion fight:

“I regret that I sat there and I gave her that power. Anytime you have been bullied, like when I was bullied as a child I gave them the power enough to let me go home and think about suicide… I gave her the power and that’s what I regret and that’s what I want to apologize to my fans for. I want to apologize to the other ladies of the cast… when you lose control and you let someone make you act out of character – that was completely out of character for me, that’s why I was so embarrassed… I’m regretful that it happened and I wish it hadn’t happened.”

On discovering that Kenya has been the victim of domestic violence in the past:

“I’m sorry to hear that and I wish that throughout the season she would have freaking opened up, so I could have gotten to know her and I could have helped he through what I went through. I have some things that I can impart in her life. Just because she’s older than me doesn’t mean she couldn’t have learned from me. But, she was so hateful, she couldn’t learn from me… I hate that she went through domestic violence. I really do. Because I wish it didn’t happen to me… if you don’t condone violence, if you don’t want to end up in a situation where someone is putting their hands on you or vice versa, then don’t ask for it. Don’t provoke, don’t put the lion in the corner and poke at him.”

On apologizing to Kenya :

“I’m deserving of an apology… and she would definitely receive one back if I receive one… I didn’t file charges on myself. I didn’t put myself in the position where I am now. I didn’t decide to go just get a mug shot and I didn’t decide to come to the reunion with weapons and point them and provoke someone… she has to go back and humble herself to the situation and apologize and then we can move forward and possibly see eye to eye.”

Girl, you drug her across the stage by her hair…….You go ahead and wait on that apology if you want to.

I’m sorry she felt threatened by a bullhorn.  That bullhorn did nothing to Porsha, but piss her off.  No I don’t think Porsha never felt threatened, Porsha was pissed.

“The Real Housewives of Atlanta” Reunion Part 3 airs Sunday at 8/7c on Bravo.

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Apollo Nida Speaks Out Against Charity Scam Allegation (Video)

Posted April 2, 2014 8:49 PM By Deirdre B Pride
Apollo and Phaedra

Apollo Nida feels that his brand is being affected by these allegations. To get yourself up to date, a charity went on the record to says that Apollo demanded $2000 as appearance fee, while Kandi Burruss okay-ed the same cause free of charge.

Basically, Apollo feels like the charity fiasco is all one big misunderstanding that is effecting his brand.  So he “took it the streets” to explain the mix up.

He starts of by putting the charity on front street by saying that they aren’t even ….503 certified as non profit.

“Not only am I facing legal troubles, but to have something like this?” “…I get attacked for doing good things.”

Ummmmmm, I would feel for him if he hadn’t bragged about coming home and slapping down an $8000 receipt from the strip club.  Point made!!.






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Well it looks like Porsha may be out as house wife in Atlanta.  The fact that her life had become uneventful was already a factor, the recent beat down apparently sealed her fate.  This according to TMZ.  I’m not sure how on point this information is, but TMZ are usually about their sources, so I will be rolling with this new information.   Here is what they have gathered

It looks like Porsha Williams has sealed her fate on “Real Housewives of Atlanta” … because we’re told after  against Kenya Moore — her next gig will be the unemployment line.

Porsha was already on the chopping block because she’s supremely uninteresting, but sources connected with the show tell us … producers are now clear — she’s more trouble than she’s worth.

It sounds a little strange, because a lot of these shows live off of physical conflict.  But after the blowout fight between Apollo Nida and Brandon DeShazer, Bravo execs instituted a zero-tolerance policy against violence.  Put simply, they drew a line in the sand, and Porsha crossed it.

We pressed our sources and they say a decision from the mountaintop has not officially come down … but we’re getting this from all directions — it’s just a matter of time.

Nonetheless, your girl can not wait for the reunion show to air.  Oh, Porsha sat down with US Weekly and Kenya’s name came up.  During her comments about Kenya, she says Kenya is jealous of her and points out that she calls Kordell gay.  Porsha then goes on to say she never called Kordell gay!!!! Really Porsha!?!?


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