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Techie Whispers: Apple iPhone Develops “Fingerprint Sensor”

Posted July 30, 2013 12:14 PM By Deirdre B Pride
Apple iPhone develops fingerprint sensor

A code from iOS 7 that reveals ‘a fingerprint that changes color during the setup process’ was posted online yesterday. sparking rumors that the new iPhone could contain a fingerprint sensor.

If the rumors are true, the latest iPhone will be the first Apple product to feature such a sensor, which could be used for unlocking the home-screen or confirming identity for payment from the App Store or other outlets.   Any sensor would likely be embedded into the physical home button.

Earlier this year it was reported that a supply chain source in Taiwan said Apple had been forced to delay production of the next iPhone due to failure to find a coating material that did not interfere with the fingerprint sensor.

Fingerprint sensors have not been widely utilized across smartphones in the past. Motorola released the Atrix 4G in 2011 which featured a biometric fingerprint sensor it claimed offered a level of security surpassing password or PIN locks. Customers reported mixed levels of success with the scanner, with many saying the sensor failed to recognize their fingerprint. Other digital security systems include the Samsung Galaxy S3′s Face Unlock feature, also available on Google’s Nexus 4, and in the future it’s likely phones will unlock upon recognition of its owner’s voice.

Call me super cynical if you like, but this could turn out to be an ugly vessel for brazen thieves.

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Techie Whispers: Nasty Urine Powered Cell Phones on the Horizon

Posted July 17, 2013 1:16 PM By Deirdre B Pride
urine powered cell phones

Techie Whispers: Nasty Urine Powered Cell Phones on the Horizon

This is so dang nasty, but news worthy nonetheless.

That’s the aim of a new cell phone battery that is recharged with our own urine.

Researchers in Bristol, England say they’ve created electricity by passing human urine through stacks of microbial cells.

They react with compounds like chloride, sodium and potassium to give off a charge that’s enough to make a brief call, send a text message or browse the Web.

“It’s an exciting discovery,” said Bristol Robotics Laboratory’s Dr. Ioannis Ieropoulos.

“Using the ultimate waste product as a source of power to produce electricity is about as eco as it gets,” he added.

The researchers are now looking at furthering the tech so smartphones can be fully charged by body waste,

“Smart toilets” could also be created to power showers, lighting or razors, added Ieropoulos.

This will mark the era where no one will ever borrow another person’s phone……EVER

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Techie Whispers: Dwyane Wade Releases Fitness App

Posted June 24, 2013 5:33 PM By Deirdre B Pride

Dwyane Wade has parlayed his steeze into a  fitness and technology combination.

“Dwyane Wade Driven”  was released today, as they celebrate their third NBA championship. The app offers customized training programs and videos for basketball players and other athletes.

“It shows people ways to work out, a lot of different ways to work out, whether it’s basketball drills or not.  A lot of people work out at home. A lot of people don’t have access to a gym. A lot of people don’t have trainers. So it’s kind of like I’m the personal trainer for basketball and fitness, and I’ll show them a lot of things I do with my body and for my body.”

The app, priced at $3.99, was available Monday for download. It includes basketball drills and a fitness routine along with ways for users to track their progress.

Driven Apps, the publisher, plans to release additional bundles for users to download once they have mastered or completed the initial Wade program.



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Techie Whispers: Apple to Offer Kill Switch to Render Phones Inoperable if Stolen or Lost

Apple unveiled a ‘kill switch’-style update to make the expensive devices inoperable in the event they are used by someone other than the owner.  The news was laid out during a developers conference in San Fransisco.

That said, users will be able to deactivate their stolen smartphone online through what Apple calls an activation lock, ie ‘kill switch’.  Even if the owner’s SIM card is removed, a thief can’t erase the phone’s data without a username and password.

An Apple ID and password are also required to turn off the new ‘Find My Phone’ application–which tracks a stolen or lost phone’s GPS location.  A custom message, such as ‘This iPhone is lost will be displayed to the person that has the phone. Please call me’ will be continuously displayed even if thieves manage to erase the phone.

The activation lock feature only works when a device is connected to WiFi or is turned on with its data plan activated.

The Kill Switches will be added to all Apple mobile devices in production.  The switch is set to be released as an application as soon as this Fall.

Sounds good huh?  Surely this will prompt others to implement the same type of technology to other phones.  Apple stays doing big things.






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Techie Whispers: Apple Unveils “iTunes Radio” Music Streaming

Posted June 11, 2013 6:18 AM By Deirdre B Pride

Techie Whispers: Apple Unveils “iTunes Radio” Music Streaming


You  may recall us giving the details on Apples plans on taking over the music streaming genre.  Welp, the wait is over and it’s finally here.  Well almost…… the actual ETA is this Fall.

Apple unveiled an internet radio service called “iTunes Radio” on yesterday. The new service promises to personalize the listener’s listening experience to what they’ve purchased on iTunes.

iTunes Radio will be available this fall in the U.S.  It will be free  if you opt for ads.  If you prefer your listening experience to be ad free you will pay a yearly fee of $25. This news just may have other music streaming like Pandora, Spotify and Rhapsody services shaking in their boots.

Just like Pandora, users won’t be able to type in the name of a song and have it immediate play. Also like Pandora, the subscriber will be able to create a custom channel with their favorite music genres.  Now unlike Pandora iTunes Radio is cheaper.  Pandora is $36 a year for an ad free listening experience.

So Whisperers,  are you interested?



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Techie Whispers: 200,000 Fake Beats by Dre Seized + How to Spot the Fake Ones

About 200,000 pairs of Beats by Dre have been taken off the streets by officers and customs agents.

They were deemed the most seized fake items this past year by the customs investigators.

Customs said this is the the first time they have seen mass production of counterfeit headphones.  There was a guy traveling from New York to Cleveland with just a few; nothing like this recent bust.

Beats by Dr Dre  cost between $120 and $500, but they counterfeits were being sold for $15.

Beats headphones provided the BBC with the following tips to spot a counterfeit:

    • If the price seems too good it probably is.
    • If a website offers you deals on multiples they are unlikely to be real.
    • Look out for unprofessional packaging.
    • Faded or misspelled words are a sign.
    • Only buy headphones from authorized dealers
    • Packaging was “about two thirds of the size…it’s very flimsy.”
    • Check the wiring of the headphones and quality of the ear padding to check if it is a fake.
    • The cable not being detachable from the headphone.


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“Beats by Dre” Unveils Bluetooth Speaker – “The Pill” & “Executive” Noise-Canceling Headphones


Today is releasing two new products for the holiday season – its Executive noise-canceling headphones and a new portable Bluetooth speaker called the Pill.

The Pill is a Bluetooth speaker no bigger than a bottle of shampoo, and it is shaped just like a pill. Yet with four drivers it blasts out some pretty powerful sound. It also has an NFC chip inside so that you can link an NFC-enabled phone, like the , with the speaker by just tapping it on the back. It costs $199.

The second release is the Executive noise-canceling headphones. They cost $299 headphones and are covered in brushed aluminum, and lined inside with hand-stitched leather. Like other Beats headphones, the Executive requires AA batteries, and there is an on/off switch.

Both the Pill and the Executive headphones are available NOW.

source Yahoo Budsiness (edited) Photo_ Engadget

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Techie Whispers: An App That Helps Cheaters Cheat, Called “Cate”

Posted October 15, 2012 7:12 PM By Deirdre B Pride

The Cate app, which stands for “Call and Text Eraser”, creates an invisible log of calls and text messages and can hide specific numbers from the contacts list.

The screen will never indicate who has called and at the touch of a button, all private information can be wiped from the phone forever.

Unlike other apps, the Cate icon does not appear on the home screen and if someone walks in while the cheat is reading their illicit texts, a simple shake of the phone will make it all disappear.

For added confidence, the adulterer has to enter a secret code to access the app and all the hidden features it provides.

Advertised with the slogan, “Love is blind, we keep it that way!”, the smartphone app which costs £3 ($4.99) to download, is the brainchild of Boston entrepreneur Neal Desai.

Mr Desai then decided to expand the business by appearing on Shark Tank, the American equivalent of BBC2′s Dragon’s Den and ended up securing $70,000 (£44,000).

During the pitch he claimed that professional golfer Tiger Woods, who famously cheated numerous times on his wife Elin Norgegren, would actually still be married if he had bought the Cate app.

Since the app was launched three weeks ago, it has been downloaded 10,000 times.

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Techie Whispers: Facebook Cracking Down on Fake Fans

Posted September 27, 2012 6:10 PM By Deirdre B Pride

Facebook is cracking down on those fan pages that have fake fans or paid fans.


Facebook has begun a purge fake accounts and “Likes” as part of a set of site improvements.  The result has been lower numbers on fan pages, including some of the site’s most popular ones, but no actual loss of real followers.  This includes  deleting fake accounts or Likes that had been illicitly sold or gained by otherwise shady means.

“A Like that doesn’t come from someone truly interested in connecting with a Page benefits no one …,” the post read. “When a Page and fan connect on Facebook, we want to ensure that connection involves a real person interested in hearing from a specific Page and engaging with that brand’s content.”

On Thursday morning, Zynga’s Texas HoldEm Poker page had lost almost 200,000 Likes since Tuesday, according to Facebook analytics site PageData. Pop star Lady Gaga lost about 66,000 during that same two-day span, and “The Simpsons” dropped about 21,000.

Wait Lady Gaga was buying her likes or had fake likes?  That doesn’t seem feasible to me.  I’ve seen new programs out that will tell you if a an page has fake likes too.  Don’t even look at mines, it’s just not that serious over here.



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Techie Whispers: Apple to Launch it Own Brand of Music Streaming

Posted September 8, 2012 10:06 AM By Deirdre B Pride

Apple is looking to take their dominance over the technology industry to a music streaming.  They are planning to compete with Pandora and Spotify.

According to Wall Street Journal, iTunes is trying to produce an ad supported radio service,

Apple who has shown that they keep away from outsourcing as much as possible., so making their own music streaming service was kind of inevitably on the horizons.

Rumor has it that Apple will reveal their new service at next week’s iPhone 5 launch, due on September 12.  Apple is killing the game of technology, one device at a time.

So what do you think?  Will you give it a try?

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