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Derek Blanks and Cynthia Bailey Introduce Kenya Moore’s Calendar Spread

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Y’all know this is the real reason NeNe hates Kenya………….She can never lay it down properly like this…….Kenya is 41 right?  Don’t sleep.


This definitely explains the all of a sudden hate that came from nowhere.  NeNe’s  overreaction to Kenya’s tardiness was way too much, but there was also the fact that Kenya stood up at the slumber party.  That too, didn’t seem like enough for NeNe to cut Kenya and anyone that dealt with her off.  To me there seemed to be more to it than NeNe would let on….it just seemed too damn petty.  So I’m willing to bet Kenya working with Cynthia and Derek Blanks was too much for her.  We didn’t find out about the photo shoot until part 4 of the reunion.  When I saw Kenya working with Derek and Cynthia, it was like a light bulb went off.  Yes I think Nene is in hate mode.  BTW, these are from Kenya’s calendar.


Bye, Ashy…..literally.

I hear her attitude and her persistent ‘queen’ name calling helped out with this impromptu exit.  via and

Whisperers, holla at me.  Tell me, am I off?


  • Lisa Moyer

    I don’t think you are far off. I think another reason NeNe hates Kenya because she came in and stole the attention from NeNe. All talk from the last two seasons is about Kenya. Just like NeNe did what she thought she had to do to keep that paycheck coming, Kenya doing the same thing. She’s a smart woman. Kudos to Kenya.

    • https://unlimitedwhispers.com/ Deirdre B Pride

      I’m team Kenya too.

    • https://unlimitedwhispers.com/ Deirdre B Pride

      You are her twin….she would freak out if she sees you.

  • http://www.boneyaad.com Sandre Ennis

    nice pictures

  • TheRealEOTMMediaCEO

    lol, these ladies are over the top