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Real Housewives of Atlanta Recap: The Ladies Visit the Vineyard; Chaos Ensues


Real Housewives of Atlanta Recap: The Ladies Visit the Vineyard; Chaos Ensues

Okay RHOA is getting good….

The episode was definitely eventful, to sat the least. It was much better than it has been, but I digress.


Cynthia and Peter join R&B artist Christopher Williams and his “wife” Natalie at their venue, Bar One to celebrate their 3 year anniversary. Christopher and Natalie recently moved to the ATL. Christopher mentions that he has met with Kenya and Kandi before, but he get’s more in detail about his background with Kenya. He seems to respect her craft and her grind. Chris’ “wife’ makes it her business to mention that she knew Todd and that he dated one of her friends in the past. She mentions that Todd cheated on her friend a couple of times and he hurt her friend. She reveals that Todd knows how to get himself into situations to better himself. She actually seems to allude that he is in fact an opportunist. So damn. Peter suggest that they go over across the street, where to Cynthia’s surprise, Peter has set up a romantic set up accompanied with Chris’ baritone pipes. Yes, dude still has it.

Sidenote: I’m thinking this chick is getting in where she fits in. She is prepping herself to be cast on the show. They would definitely bring in the drama. Chuck and Mynique better watch it. I think Chris and Natalie would fit A LOT better. #TeamChrisandNatalie


Kandi walks in while her staff is talking about the musical. Kandi informs the staff that Todd is out of the production. Todd thinks the overall plan is not organized enough for him. If you know Don Juan, you know he does not bite his tongue…..he not happy about it. The team begins to brainstorm the possibilities and finally come to a general consensus.


NeNe arrives at Porsha’s 8000 sq ft home. Read: This has to be the dumbest purchase ever. She should have moved into something more like the place her sister was trying to get her to rent.

Anyway, NeNe wants to make amends after making Porsha cry at last weeks trunk show. Read: Let me just say that I think we have all had enough of Porsha. There’s definitely nothing to see here anymore and it’s time for a new husband and wife team. I’m sorry Porsha fans, but her time is up.


Anyway, each week I’m sensing more and more that there is trouble brewing between Kenya and NeNe. NeNe seems to allude that Kenya is faking the funk again. Meaning, she has another fake boyfriend and I’m starting to think the same thing. Kenya organizes a gathering with her family. This is when she unveils with the idea that she is planning on having a child. She is actually planning on seeing a fertility specialist. She’s not sure that she wants to have a child with the African fellow. She not sure if she want to uproot her life and travel back and forth to Africa.


Kandi and Todd were checking out venues for Kandi’s musical production. Kandi ‘s even checking out the acoustics, then Todd decides to help with a Jodeci rendition…..comedy ensues. Then out of the clear blue, Todd announces he’s back in on the project. He also lets her know that the planning on this production is on the shabby side when it comes to planning….no script, no venue. Kandi tells him period point blain that she would accept him back, but quitting will not be tolerated.

Cynthia – The trip to the Vinyard

Cynthia and her sister are setting up a light breakfast for the girls before they head off on a trip to the vineyard. NeNe gets there and feels Cynthia should be serving champagne…. SMH NeNe is getting so demanding and bossy to me these days.

While on the bus ride Cynthia lets the group know that a married couple named Natalie and Christopher Williams are coming along. Kenya interjects that they are not married; they are actually common law and she says it with a lot of attitude. I guess we’ll find out what’s up with that later in the game. Then Cynthia serves the group a bit of tea by telling them that Natalie described Todd as an opportunist.

Meanwhile, out of the blue Marlo starts talking about Kandi and asks if she’s still fat. Then she says, Phaedra, is fat too? Kenya adds that she looked like the jolly green giant when she shot her booty video. I think that is going to come back to haunt Marlo. Kenya doesn’t give a damn either way.

Kandi, Porshaa and Phaedra arrive late and on a separate bus. I loved Kandi’s head wrap by the way. I must try that.

Natalie arrives and meets the rest of the group. Kandi announces that she may not have a traditional wedding. Since her mom is objecting, she may just take a quick trip to the courthouse.

Marl reveals that she too eloped and Natalie jumps in and says that she and Christopher eloped as well. Kenya being Kenya intercede by saying that’s not the story she got. Kenya tells Natalie that she heard that she was merely his girlfriend or common law wife. Then Kenya oddly states she wanted to stay out of it. Hellooooooooo she started the drama.

Meanwhile they are having lunch Natalie thought it was cool or okay to bring up the fact that Todd dated her friend and he broke her heart. I mean really, the mess sounded like it was something that went on in their 20’s. I couldn’t see how this was relevant to this moment. Then this is when all heck breaks loose. Natalie and Kenya begin to go at it. Natalie tells Kenya that Chris told her some things she could blurt out, but she chose not to. Then Kenya says she can tell her some things about her man she bets that Natalie didn’t know. She adds she was on the road with him on tour. The best line of the night goes to Kenya when she said I would love to see that gift certificate….meaning, Chris and Natalie’s wedding certificate. LMAO

Kenya ends her argument with Natalie by handing her over to Kandi, by telling her she called Todd an opportunist. Kandi and her faces…LMAO. Kandi states something to the effect that Natalie thinks he dates up and she must think that she is a bad bish.

I can show you better than I can tell you. Check out the video:


Check out extended scene from next week’s episode. HERE

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