Classless: Shay Johnson (LHHATL) Hits Woman Over Head with Bottle (Video) Bloody Mess!!

Caption from video:

Shay from Love and Hip Hop Atlanta fights Joselines Friend . Girl gets hits with a Bottle . Sleezy and Zino's goes Ham Mama D and Lil Scrappy panic.

This fool pulled a Da Brat right on camera. One would have thought that folks would have learned from Brat's mistake. Guess not. She can kiss freedom goodbye  after this dumb ass move.  Isn't she  a new mother?  She should have had her as at home anyway.

The video starts off with Shay on the right of the screen with Momma Dee.  All seems to be going okay, then you repeatedly hear the clank of a bottle.  Next thing I see is a woman with blood all  over her face.  You can't take her ass anywhere.  I hope the girl recovers okay from her seemingly serious injuries.  I saw nothing that warranted this mess.  If I'm not mistaken, that looks like Benzino's new lady that showed up for dinner at Steebie and Joceline's castle.  I could be wrong too.

This all went down at a cast party for Love and Hip Hop Atlanta.  It should be noted that Brat's bottle beat down went down in the ATL too.  No class At all.








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