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Techie Whispers: Hair Clips That Calls for Help

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Technology has done it again.

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The First Sign clip isfitted a standard-looking clip with an accelerometer, gyroscope and Bluetooth sensor that connects wirelessly to a smartphone.

It can detect punches, kicks, slaps or aggressive shakes and when violence is detected, the clip sounds an alarm.

This also triggers the phone to start taking cameras and a microphone to start recording the event to capture audio evidence.

To avoid the device going off accidentally, there is an automatic runner’s mode for people who wear it while jogging.

However, if there is a false alarm, the wearer has 15 seconds to deactivate the alarm.

The company is currently asking for funding on Indiegogo and hopes the device will be on the market within a year. An early bird deal on the clip, plus a range of three different covers costs $100.  A First Sign clip without monitoring features costs $50.

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