Woman Proposes on Bended Knee and in the Middle of a Mall, REJECTED…………Bad……Really Bad!!! (Video)


When I see videos like this, I always go into a negative naysayer mode. Why? I'm so glad you asked. First off, how is this supposedly an impromptu moment being filmed by a complete stranger? Just how would they know? I know maybe the person was giving off a lot of animated vibes that caused the person to start filming them. I got it. Yet still, I find the moment suspect, but I've digressed.

A young lady is standing in the middle of the mall talking to what appears to be strangers and what is being said can't be made clear with these eyes. Then she turns and takes a few steps and gets down on one knee. She appears to propose. He begins to walk away and she turns in a quarter turn, still on that knee to follow him. Of course, it is not looking good. She appears to beg by extending her arm out with the ring in hand. He appears to be completely embarrassed. Her, not so much. Well, not until after he walks over and whispers in her ear, then takes the ring and walks away.  She breaks down in complete hysterics.

Wait, before you go, a friend is conveniently placed in the comment section and says he whispered that he was already married.

Y'all, I'm done.......burnt to a crisp.

Woman Proposes on Bended Knee and in the Middle of a Mall, REJECTED............Bad......Really Bad!!! (Video)

Some brief commentary:

Why do SOME women think this is appropriate? It's not. Let a man be a man. You taking on these guy like duties is not a great sign. Don't you know that guys like wearing the pants? If you don't know that by now, go somewhere and learn how to be a woman.

If he isn't already turned off by your guy like gestures, he will propose when he feels like it. It's up to you to determine how long you are willing to wait. Actually, you should be able to tell if he is into you that way when he talks of long-term plans. If he's making extended plans that don't include you, then it's safe to assume he may not feeling you that way. Ex: If he's buying a house and is not inviting you in on the tours or whatever; girl, pack your over-nighter and bounce. Don't forget your toothbrush.


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